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Best VR Games in Bangalore| Gamingalaxy

VR games in Bangalore are ruling today because residents here adore trying out new technologies. Putting on the headset for the virtual reality game instantly transports you to a different setting, virtually. 

Virtual reality (VR) games can be used for anything, from racing bikes to slaying zombies. Find out what sets this virtual reality game apart from the rest to determine whether or not it deserves to be called the best VR game in Bangalore.

We hope that by the end of this blog, you will better understand what makes a good virtual reality game and why people are becoming increasingly interested in playing VR games. Follow along with the text and journey into virtual reality with us.

What Makes VR Games the Best VR Game?

Virtual reality (VR) gaming is unlike any other type of video game. It provides a three-dimensional experience and generates an atmosphere around us, immersing us in the theme. 

If you can get to Whitefield, you should stop by the gaming zone at Whitefield there because they offer some exciting VR games experiences. 

They are the most innovative company out there, and the customers love them for that. You will be happiest when you play with them because they offer the following to you.

The Very Best Graphics: Bangalore’s skilled graphic team has contributed to the success of virtual reality games, which are renowned for their graphics. You will find the most advanced graphics when you play at GaminGalaxy. The tenor that virtual reality (VR) service providers keep in mind is “graphics that speak of the situation and attune with it.” While playing virtual reality games such as Horror-deadeye, Shooting-Zergkill, my rollercoaster, Large pendulum, Kids-Ironsoul, and Dino trek, take pleasure in the game’s high-quality graphics.

Lag Issue: We lose interest in a game when it lags, so we won’t miss the glitch that caused it. Games like VR need to be fast. The quality of the experience will suffer if the game is buggy or does not respond to your actions as you play. At GaminGalaxy, the focus is on providing a streamlined experience, regardless of the game’s theme. This gaming zone in Whitefield is well-known for its non-stop virtual reality (VR) gaming experience, which continues without interruption, regardless of whether a glitch occurs.

Themes: More than a hundred different varities of themes GaminGalaxy offers. The more you have to offer, the more fun the game becomes. Options are appealing to all of us. Boxing themes can appeal to many people, even those who aren’t particularly interested in racing. What we offer to the players is important here. GaminGalaxy doesn’t stop at 2 or 3; they offer more than 100 themes to make it loveable for everyone. 

Enjoy yourself at ease: GaminGalaxy aims to provide a fun and relaxing environment without sacrificing quality. Standing up is required for the vast majority of VR games in Bangalore. However, to play at GaminGalaxy, the player is required to relax on a plush couch. The goal is to ensure that people of all ages can enjoy the game peacefully.

When all of the features above can be discovered in one gaming zone in Whitefield, you will consider that location the best option.

The last attempt

VR games are the most popular entertainment in Bangalore. The revolutionary nature of virtual reality games, in addition to the diverse range of themes they cover, has propelled them to the forefront of the gaming industry.

Take advantage of the unique experience virtual reality games can offer while in Bangalore.

You can give yourself the gift of an exciting virtual reality experience by booking your slots with GaminGalaxy.

Creativity Gaming Galaxy VR Games

How VR games help in Imagination

A simulated theme based environment is created in VR games. The player can explore 360 degrees of view with the help of VR. This new high-tech game is ruling the market and comes with endless pros. Before digging into how VR games Bangalore helps in Imagination, you need to know what a VR is and from where you can play it. 

This write-up will take you to the swing details about the game like VR from GaminGalaxy. We will also enlighten you on how this game helps in Imagination and boost the imaginative side of the brain. Let’s explore together!

VR Game – A Different Experience? 

VR games include a 3-Dimensional artificial gaming environment. The augmented virtual surrounding created by VR thrills the gamer and keeps them engaged for hours. Like any other games, VR aims to make your gaming charm bloom with a 3D feel. Everyone can play VR. Considering the current gaming scenario, kids and young people play it frequently. 

Creative activities boost creativity in the brain. It is observed that VR has boosted creativity among people. They are becoming more exciting for VR games and the themes used. Whatever themes and interfaces are used in VR allow kids to explore the geographical area through 3D effects. Read along to enlighten yourself on how creativity is boosted while playing VR. 

How does VR boost Imagination?

More Geographical Exposure: It is impossible to travel the world and see each site daily. But with the help of VR, people can choose the theme they want to see. Through this, they get the idea of different locations. Virtual reality allows people to explore beyond their homes or community boundaries. They can watch volcanos or underwater sceneries through VR.

3D Experience: Immersive 3D experience is provided through VR games. Kids or the elders who play the game will understand the clarity and feel of 3D. When they understand 3D, they try to learn it better. 

Story-Telling: When we enjoy something, we share. 3D games have themes that hold some stories. When we share the total experience, we become story-tellers. Through this, we stimulate our creative thinking. Kids learn to frame better while they explain their experiences. 

Visualization Power: A child who can think creatively is already half-way in their creative journey. The era is all about creativity and dedication. The importance of creativity can be boosted through VR because of its creative themes. The high-quality design of games and the plans placed for playing the games help everyone think better and be creative. 

Critical Thinking: We all need to think clearly to perform better. When our mind is calm, we take the right decisions, and when our mind is creative, we work on the right decisions. In games like VR, we have to play hard to win. Besides having a grip on the VR equipment, thinking is important here. While playing, when we think, the habit starts, and eventually, we try to think each day. 

Open Opportunities: VR is introduced in companies like EY and Deloitte. We all know tech is the future, and VR holds the platform. When kids love VR games, they learn VR. When someone knows in-out of the VR, they open vast opportunity doors for themselves. 

Concluding Ride!

Games are the perfect exercise for the mind.  A person who plays well, thinks well, and acts well. The plot setting in games and the theme creativity in games like VR boost creativity among us. You need the best in the industry to have the most VR game experience.

GaminGalaxy provides the best VR games in Bangalore. The game setup provided by them is comfortable for every age group for team bonding as they provide the sitting VR modules. Explore more than 200 themes in VR from GaminGalaxy and explore creativity in you. BOOK NOW.

Gaming Galaxy Team Bonding Activity

How to make work fun for Employees | Gamingalaxy

Work is something that each one of us has to do. It is not the compulsion, but the habit that we all undergo after some age. Team bonding activities boost the working environment and allow the employee to perform better. There should be more inclusion in making the work environment fun. More discussion should be done on how to make work fun for employees.

Through this article, we will discuss how to make the work fun for employees. We will also throw some light on the idea of why it is important to have a fun environment at work. 

What is Fun at Work? 

Fun means games. We are talking about including games in your corporate team building. GaminGalaxy came up with a bunch of games that proved highly effective on building relationships and bonding. 

Why is small fun activities for employees important? 

Healthier Workers: As we take forward steps towards aging, employment gets boring. The daily drill makes the body lazy and non-adaptive to work. Due to this, sleep schedule is hampered and stress is peaked. With stress and anxiety, it becomes less productive on employees’ ground and it is the sole responsibility of the manager to take care of these. Games like Escape Room, VR, Laser tag can be a game changer for everyone. 

Communication and Collaboration: When people talk, they connect and once they connect, the work is done seamlessly. More tension is created when people don’t talk during the working environment. Relaxing with coworkers develops honest communication and more ideas get discussed. When they play games together, they discuss more and while discussing they collaborate more. 

Highly productive: Employees get 12% more productive when they are happy and at peace. Peace can be driven when they have fun activities in their working space. Deadlines sometimes get frustrating and to bring down that frustration, games like Escape room or laser tag are important. High performing teams play together and discuss work plans together. To bring them together, the game is the bridge. 

Commitment to work improves: When you work on something that makes you happy, commitment drives in between and the contentment towards that commitment gets easy. During the working hours, taking off for 1 hour or half an hour will make your mind active. Workplace gets healthy when they have such inclusions. If the work environment is healthy, employees tend to be happier. 

How does GaminGalaxy contribute to this? 

GaminGalaxy took how to make work fun for employees, seriously. They actually come up with 4 ways to make your team bonding activities productive. They have following to contribute to your corporate team buildings: 

Laser Tag: The laser tag game that is played here is very well run, and it provides a very exciting experience. GaminGalaxy provides individuals who have never engaged in the gaming experience with the ideal introduction. It is recommended to give this game a try due to its user-friendly interface. Laser tag is considered to be the best game for office fun because it only takes a few minutes out of each day to play.

Escape Room: Escape rooms have quickly become one of the most popular activities for building teams because of their emphasis on problem-solving and strategic planning. These things to do are entertaining and difficult, and they can be done in a reasonable amount of time. GaminGalaxy, a well-known Escape Room, will challenge you and your team with an exciting mission in which the entirety of your group will be locked inside the room and you will need to solve a mystery in order to unlock the door.

Birthday Celebrations: Birthdays on a working day can get hurt sometimes. When you get deadlines, it gets worse. Now we all know, deadlines drive us and are the important aspect that can’t be removed. All we can do is make them better. GaminGalaxy makes your birthday better during the workload. Proper arrangements can be done from the team for your special teammate. All you gotta do is get in touch with the GaminGalaxy and explain a bit on the requirements. The team will present unique birthday celebration opportunities in between your corporate tasks. 

Refreshments: Various arrangements were done on short events to make it memorable. Whether it be anniversaries or the deal breaker event, small refreshments plans are done for you by the GaminGalaxy team. 

Final Shot!

Games are the team bonding activities and help in building the corporate relationship. With GaminGalaxy, enhance the work environment and drive more success and positivity to your company. 

Laser Tag Isometric Composition
Gaming Galaxy Laser Tag

4 Tactics to Win a Laser Tag Game

Laser tag games are evolving and are loved by everyone. People are consuming much of their time in this game. Trying to win a laser tag game can be a daunting task without a guide. Here in this article, we’re going to share 4 tricks or you can say tactics that will help you win a laser tag game every time.

How To Win Laser Tag Game

Two players always play on each side during this game. Are you ready to win the laser tag game?

Read along the guide by GaminGalaxy to win the laser tag game next time you play.

Always be on the move

It is important to keep your laser tag strategy sharp, especially if you are playing in an arena. The best way to keep up with this thought is by following the laser tag blog. You can learn some tricks to help you win, including setting up specific plays and asking for cover fire. This will make you and your team more visible, which will make it easier for you to get the shot in.

Using a tactical vest is a great way to sneak up on an opponent. It also gives you cover, which will help you stay undetected. It’s also important to wear similar colors to blend in with your team.

Target younger players

Millennials are the new kid on the block and they are big on experiences. Laser tag near me is the best way to find the places where you can play laser tag with the younger ones. It is the shortest way to reach the place and enjoy the most as it offers a unique and exciting experience to everyone who enters.

Laser tag is a great way to interact with family and friends. Laser tag guns are easy to handle even for young children. Laser tag is also a great way for adults to get into some friendly competition with their coworkers.

The best laser tag games also make great birthday party activities. If you are running a laser tag business, make sure you put the focus on driving birthday party traffic into your laser tag arena. You will be surprised at the money your laser tag business can generate. You can also play laser tag in Bangalore as this will enhance your gaming experience.

Hide if you get shot

Getting shot in a laser tag game is an unpleasant experience. Thankfully, most games allow you to continue playing if you’ve been shot. But it’s important to hide if you get shot so that you won’t be seen by your opponent.

Through the hiding technique, you can protect yourself in the game. First, you can move sideways to make yourself harder to hit. You can also turn around to avoid shots. Another way to hide if you get shot is to go into cover. But be careful; you’ll be caught off guard if you move out of place.

Another way to hide if you get shot in a laser tag game is to move as fast as possible. This will make it harder to be shot and will allow you to be hidden in a corner. Or the other to hide if you are hit in a laser tag game is to stay high. You’ll have a much larger target to aim at. This will also allow you to pick off more than one opponent.

Split your team into two

In this dog-eat-dog world, players need to stay out of sight to keep their scores high. The best way to win a laser tag game is to split your team into two. It is a good idea to have an idea of how the game is going to play before you arrive.

A laser tag game involves using a phaser to blast beams of light at the other team. You can even find cheats to help you play better. Using these tips can improve your game and even help you transfer your skills to other activities.

Final Shot!

To ace this game, you need to have a good gaming interface that doesn’t lag and has an attractive background. GaminGalaxy is ruling into the world of Laser Tag games and you can be one of the benchmarking champions here. Get in touch to know more. 

gaming zone for corporate party in Bangalore
Gaming Galaxy

Importance of Gaming zone – Best gaming zone in Bangalore

Do you know there are 15000 game developers in India?

Each developer targets on giving the best gaming experience in the cheapest way possible. Some of the games are placed in gaming zones. Through this, the game developer covered a great market.

Today, gaming zones are found in almost every city, and gaming zone in Bangalore has become a hotspot for gaming enthusiasts. They have become a social hub that allows people to connect.

Gaming zones have always been great entertainment zones for children and teens. Gaming zones are always an exciting way to pass the time and relieve stress.

They feature games designed specifically for kids and teens to play and enjoy. There is an open ground that states the importance of gaming zones in Bangalore. Bangalore being an IT Hub has a great population that likes to explore. With advanced gaming options, people find solace there.

Apart from raising the GDP of India, gaming zones have been advantageous to people in many ways. Let’s explore how they are advantageous.


5 Advantages of Gaming Zone

Keep people entertained

The Importance of Gaming zones in a Recreational Complex. Whether you want to host a high-tech gamer space or a more casual sports bar, there is something for everyone in a gaming zone. Games for everyone, no matter your interests, are a great way to keep people entertained.

Boost productivity

Gaming has become integral to everyone’s lives, whether they are playing alone or with a group of people. With so many games, it can be hard to decide which one to play. Gaming zones have the potential to increase productivity. The study looked at how playing offline games affect people’s mental and physical health, as well as their productivity.

Reduces stress

Playing games has been shown to reduce stress levels, leading to better mental health. There are games for everyone to relieve stress. Each can be enjoyed without any negative effects. Overall it is a great way to reduce stress and improve your quality of life. It’s a fun and effective way to kill time and relieve boredom.

Provide a relaxed work environment

Workers in any industry can now rely on a more efficient workflow thanks to the growing trend of gaming zones. The gaming zone near me provides developers with a relaxed work environment and helps speed up development times. In addition, these areas can also be used as meeting spaces and play areas for employees.

Improve physical & mental health.

Physical and mental health are two important aspects that can be improved with gaming. Playing video games can help people learn new things, escape reality, and have fun. Gaming helps reduce stress, improve cognitive function, and decrease anxiety levels. It is also beneficial for physical activity. People who play video games often have lower rates of obesity and heart disease than the general population. Many different types of gaming can be enjoyed, so it is important to find one that is right for you.


gaming zone for corporate party in Bangalore

The gaming zone in Bangalore is important for creating a stimulating and fun environment for everyone. It can help to promote creativity, connection with others, and leadership development.

With the joyful gaming zone in place, work can also be fun and less stressful. To know more about the updated gaming zones and advancements stay tuned with the best gaming zone in Bangalore.

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Gaming Galaxy

Best Family Games to Play Together

Family games are a great way to get your kids involved and bond. There are many different family games to choose from. Some are geared toward younger kids, while others are better for older children.

To make your family time and bonding stronger, adventurous games can be your spot. with the following list of games, you can have the best family time.

3 Trending Family Games to Play Together

Escape Rooms

The game where a puzzle or riddle is provided. You and your family will be locked in a room that unlocks only when the riddle is solved or time is out. You can get in contact with your room host and take clues on the task.

An escape room is also known as the puzzle room. It is a themed challenge event where players work together in finding the clues. They complete the task and solve a variety of puzzles. Through this game, the team has to achieve a specific task. It is a time-bound goal that helps to escape the room. At GaminGalaxy you will find different themes of the mysterious room. The one and the most famous is the Chakravyuha. In this, the participants have to find 6 chakras and use them to complete the game. Just like this, it has other themed based rooms. The different themes provided by GaminGalaxy include:

  • Ghost Writer

  • Pirates Prison Heist

  • Hijacked

  • Time Machine

Laser tag

It is a recreational shooting game where participants use light guns to tag designated points. The light guns are infrared emitting. The device, infrared-sensitive signaling, is worn by the player to register the hits. The game isn’t harmful. Each player gets 100 points. The GaminGalaxy brings in the thrilling Atlantis Laser tag game where the players can have a thrilling experience. The game comes with a unique aquatic theme. The player will turn into an aquatic mammal to fight the enemies. 12 people at a time are accommodated and the host will guide you through it. If you are less than 12 people, the combination with other groups will take place.


The video game is played on Virtual Reality hardware. The games are based on immersion. The head is mounted via a headset with stereoscopic displays. You will also be given the controllers. Two images are passed on the lens and images move side by side to recreate a 360-degree experience. VR games are ruling the gaming industry. GaminGalaxy has a great theme collection for VR as well. The participants will get the smooth controllers and the gaming zone where they can complete the task.

VR can be played by a single player and by multiple players. It is another advanced step in the world of gaming. There are different variations of this game. The thrill and liking of the game depend from user to user.


Some games can be too challenging for toddlers, so you should keep that in mind when you’re playing games. Most games are suitable for children four and up. Additionally, be sure to check the number of players needed for the game to work.

Some best family games require a minimum of three players, while others are suitable for up to eight players. GaminGalaxy comes up with the idea of an escape room in the best family games list. This game is on the trend list and with GaminGalaxy, the pleasure and thrill will be unbeatable.

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Gaming Galaxy

Benefits of Escape Rooms – Enhance Team Building Skills in Kids

Escape Rooms are a great way to add extra excitement to your kid’s life. With their unique puzzles, security features, and engaging stories, these games will keep them entertained for hours. In addition, escape rooms are great for teaching basic creative life skills to kids.

Benefits of Escape Rooms

Helps in developing teamwork & leadership skills

Escape rooms provide a fun and challenging way to develop teamwork and leadership skills. The game requires teamwork to solve puzzles, make decisions, and delegate tasks. By taking decisions during the game, kids can gain a decisive mindset.

Boost creativity in kids

It also fosters creativity, as team members must think outside the box in order to complete tasks. Kids can benefit from this activity if they want to be successful in the future. In addition, these types of activities are a good way to bond as a team. These games require players to work together to solve clues and puzzles in a set time. Because the puzzles and clues aren’t always obvious, players must think creatively to solve them. This activity encourages new ways of thinking and fosters a strong team bond.

Improve communication skills

As team members are challenged to work together in a team setting, they will also increase their communication skills. The games also encourage communication among teammates, removing inhibitions about sharing ideas. The result is a happy team!

Help in identifying strengths & weaknesses

An escape room experience can also help kids identify their strengths and weaknesses. For example, kids may not be the best leader, but they may be great creative team managers. The high-pressure environment of an escape room can reveal how effective they are at managing a team.

Escape rooms help kids to find ways to create a positive atmosphere in their teams. They may notice that their kids are stressed and lack coordination with each other. Fortunately, escape rooms provide a foolproof way to foster relationship-building between team members. By fostering a positive environment, escape rooms can help build relationships that last a lifetime. The activity also promotes creativity and collaboration.

Help in motivation

Escape rooms are a fun way to motivate kids to break out of their shells and overcome obstacles. These unique experiences will inspire them to be better communicators and motivate them to work together. In addition, they are great for birthday parties, school field trips, and family bonding.

An escape room activity helps kids learn how to work better with others. Kids who play regularly are more productive in their studies. Often, studies are monotonous, and they get bored easily. Escape room games help kids stay motivated and engaged while practicing solid problem-solving skills.

Develop problem-solving skills

Children are better problem solvers than adults and have more energy. The key to success is quick thinking. While adults may not always be able to think outside the box, kids are quick thinkers and highly adaptable. This is important when team members are collaborating in an environment with high-pressure and time constraints.

Improve Mood

An escape room is full of mysterious and adventurous puzzles, and each of them requires a new way of thinking to solve them. These activities engage kids and improve their moods and freshen their minds. You can say that an escape room can be a fun and exciting way to spend an afternoon, but it can also help improve mood. People who enjoy escape rooms often find them mentally challenging and provide a sense of excitement that can lead to better moods.

Wrap Up!

Having a good escape room is a must to enjoy the benefits mentioned here. GaminGalaxy has the escape room adventure that you are seeking. Explore the escape room vibe from the top gaming provider. With the supportive team enjoy the benefits of escape room with all the adventure.